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Seasoned Civil Litigation and Criminal Defense Attorney

Protect your business, family, or future with an experienced civil litigation and criminal defense attorney from Deaton & Berry, P.A. in Flowood, Mississippi. Whether it is a civil, criminal, or commercial law matter, DAVID "D" BERRY, IV and JOE S. DEATON, III take care of all necessary research and paperwork.

Local Counsel

If you are an out-of-state business owner with a legal problem in Mississippi, you need a Mississippi-based business litigation lawyer with extensive experience in state and federal courts. This is because Mississippi law forbids out-of-state lawyers to advertise in Mississippi for the purpose of soliciting prospective clients, unless these lawyers first associate with local counsel who is actively involved in the lawsuit. DAVID "D" BERRY, IV and JOE S. DEATON, III handle all logistical issues and represent all types of out-of-state clients. Below is a list of Deaton & Berry’s areas of expertise:

• Adoptions
• Appeals
• Business Litigation
• Civil Litigation
• Criminal Defense
• Eminent Domain Cases
• Employment Matters
• Expungements
• Family Law Issues
• Healthcare Matters
• Homeowners Association Matters
• Insurance Law Issues
• Landfill & Waste Law Litigation
• Military Law Issues
• Misdemeanor Cases
• Personal Injury Cases
• Professional Malpractice Cases
• Real Estate Litigation
• Trucking & Automotive Litigation
• Wills

The Bill of Rights - Civil Litigation

Contact "D" BERRY and JOE DEATON in Flowood, Mississippi, to hire an accomplished civil litigation and criminal defense attorney.