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Cost-Effective Alternative Dispute Resolution

Save time, money, and effort with the efficient alternative dispute resolution services of DEATON & BERRY, P.A. in Flowood, Mississippi. Unlike litigation, alternative dispute resolution allows you to avoid adverse publicity and protect your relationships.

Why Choose Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution gives you an opportunity to resolve legal matters while avoiding expensive litigation costs. The law firm of DEATON & BERRY, P.A. provides mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution in which an independent mediator facilitates negotiations between two parties in a voluntary, nonbinding, and confidential manner. Mediation is useful in addressing not only monetary settlements, but also the underlying emotional issues that such settlements often present. Whether it is a workplace conflict, business dispute, personal injury case, or family law matter, be practical and simplify things through mediation.

Glasses - Alternative Dispute Resolution

Contact DAVID "D" BERRY and JOE S. DEATON, III  in Flowood, Mississippi, for a personalized alternative dispute resolution.